Upcoming Artists Must read no1 will chock you

Korede Bello had written over 200
songs, but just one song which a friend
played to Don Jazzy earned him a
signing deal with the Mavins”.

Be Aggressive with the promotion/
Push of Your song, Never despise any
form of Promotion your song gets, no
promo is a waste, cling 2 ur DJs, OAPs,

PRs, Bloggers & Show Organizers, they
are relevant 2 ur success in the
industry. Try as much as possible to
start building a name for urself within
Your Location, Residence Area, Town,
School or state, these can make tins
very easy for you
Even after you do all these tinz, u still
have to PRAY HARD!!
i think i have said enough!
People bring wack song to the studio
everyday for production,

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