This life episode 1( don’t read it alone call you friend to join you)

This life episode 1

Whenever it’s this time of the year, I do not go out neither do I do anything, it’s all about my mom. My eyes are filled with pool of tears , it seems like the earth is crushing under my feet this time around. My heart filled with pains and regrets.
Its been years since I lost my precious mother to death. Things hasn’t been the same with me since the day I lost her to the cold hands of death, I kept thinking, ” what if she were to be alive,I could have done things differently with her support and guidance, my life would have taken a different route and be a bed roses. I wouldn’t have been in this situation……. The role of a mother in the life of a child is very vital, especially the female child. How do I make up for all the lost time? How I wish my mother was alive.
I remember how mummy loved us, I and my kid brother. I was her favorite and she was my best friend. ( Haa…..IYAMI ABIYAMO TOOTO) “True mother”. She would always warn me against bad company. I cried more as I remembered how I called her that unfortunate day. “Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!! But she couldn’t answer me, she was dead already. I rolled back the years and I remembered everything in the past, how it all happened.
I was in my final year in secondary school. I just came back from school, I ran inside and I called Mother! Mother!! But no response…….Ooh! I murmured, where could she have gone ? I am too excited to keep this news to myself, mother is the only one I share everything with. If I wait one more second I might explode out of anxiety.

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