This is what we happen when Jesus come

Above are the 20 sign that you we see when the end come

As we all know the end has come  if Jesus come today where we you be heaven or hell

James is a very good Christian; he was an usher in the church and he performed his duties effectively but he was always coming late to the church. One day, he got a distress call. His wife had a minor accident and she was rushed to the hospital. He got to the hospital very late because his car developed a fault.

By the time John got to the hospital, the nurses were trying to stop the bleeding from the injuries his wife sustained but they couldn’t succeed.
To his relief, three doctors came in at the same time. However, they asked him to deposit a certain amount of money before they attend to his wife.
He had little amount of money with him. He called his son to bring him more money from the safe. Unfortunately, his son was hooked up in a traffic jam on his way to the hospital. By the time he got to the hospital, it was too late. His mother had given up the ghost.

John was very devastated; he mourned, fasted and wept for many days. He questioned from God why his wife left him at that early life.
Seven days after his wife’s death; he heard an answer to his question.
God asked him if he knew the reason he as well as his son and the doctors came late.
‘no Lord.’ he answered, sobbing profusely.
‘the three of you were late because you were always coming late to church events. Although, you are one of the most consistent workers in your church, you always come late. Just imagined; it was one hour between the call from the hospital and your wife’s death. You prayed to me, asking me to bring them early just like the way your pastor always beg you to come early to the church. I didn’t answer that prayer and your wife died

John had been reduced to tears as the Lord revealed this to him. He wished he could bring back the hands of time and make amends. He cried aloud and begged God for forgiveness, this continues until he heard his wife’s voice.
‘honey, wake up. ‘
He hugged his wife like forever.
‘thank God it’s just a dream.’
It was a dream but it reflects the life of some Christians today, we come late to church gatherings but we always expect God to bless us quickly. If God could be attending to our issues late, imagine what would be happening. Make amends now before it is too late. For advert chat me on 09036278703

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