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 *NOTE* : It’s the Universities / Institutions that offer admissions to Students, NOT JAMB !

1. The 2018 University admissions is currently going on in Various Universities/ Institutions in the Country & centrally @ JAMB !

2. These admissions involve several Stages as you ALL know !

i. the University/ Institution offers you admission & Forwards your Name to JAMB Via CAPS for approval  ( Immediately, your CAPS Status Changes from not admitted ( NA ) to admission in Progress (AIP ). This shows that the University/ Institution has given you admission.

ii. the Moment JAMB approves your Admission,  your CAPS Status Changes from *AIP* to *ADMITTED* . Then, JAMB gives you the Beautiful opportunity to either accept or reject your Admission !. Once you accept the admission, YOU ARE IN !

iii. The Last stage here will be the internal, offline University/ Institution’s Screening of the Candidates’ documents !

3. When you have gone through all the 3 Stages under 2 above & certified OK,  you are good to go ( GTG ) !

4. If you have gone through Stages i & ii in 2 above but your documents fail short at stage iii, you can still be disqualified !

5.  Presently, MOST of the Universities are attending to Merit Students ( These are Students whose aggregate Scores are  greater of equal to the COP, CACOP ). Some Universities have also begun attending to Students to be admitted on Supplementary,  Discretionary basis  & ELDS !

6.  If your CAPS status has remained on AIP for long & hasn’t changed to ADMITTED, please don’t be bothered . It Simply shows that JAMB hasn’t attended to you, your department or University

7. It’s very RARE for JAMB to disqualify a candidate that has already been admitted by the University. By extension, it’s very RARE for a student whose CAPS Status has changed to AIP , not to be admitted ATLAST !

8.  Once your CAPS status has read admission in Progress ( AIP ), certainly you have been admitted, Ceteris paribus !

9. If you are supposed to be admitted on Merit or Supplementary, but your CAPS still shows , Not admitted ( NA ), well that shouldn’t get you unnecessarily worried. It could be that the University hasn’t attended to you or your department !

10. If you met the University’s COP, CACOP, has the right subject Combinations  but was offered a Course different from your Initial Course of Choice on CAPS, please seek credible advice before accepting the admission. You can also call or send me a Message

11. *NOTE* : If you beat the University’s COP, but still sees, NOT ADMITTED ON your CAPS Status even when the students in your particular department/ same University  have already seen AIP or already admitted, it may be that your UTME/ O- LEVEL subject combination for that particular Course / University is wrong. Please, check it up,  call or message me !

12.  The University might decide to Change your Course of Choice on these two conditions, Viz:

 (I).  your aggregate Score isn’t up to the COP of your Initial Course of Choice. Your University might Change your Course to a less Competitive one. Eg. From MBBS to ZLY or BTN

(ii).  your UTME/ O LEVEL subject Combinations do not match your original Course of Choice. The University might Change your Course to the one it matches, Ceteris Paribus

13. If there are discrepancies in the Names and details you supplied to JAMB or to the University, during registration, U might not be offered Admission even if you meet the COP. If you have any such problems, seek urgent advice, go for data correction , call or Message me !

14. EVERY Course offered in the University is GREAT !. Please, don’t insist that it’s either a particular Course or NOTHING. In as much I always encourage Students to earnestly pursue
their Courses of Choice, I still insist that you should go for any Course the University offers you Now, and reapply for the UTME in 2019 for your real Course of Choice. Please, don’t spend the next one year at home. Get into d University FIRST !. Most times, students end up sticking to the Courses they didn’t choose originally & graduating on FIRST-CLASS ! !

15.  GREAT ALTERNATIVES : Dear Students, Please don’t insist that you MUST begin from the University or Nothing Else . If the University fails to offer you admission this year Via d UTME , please don’t throw in d Towel in your quest to attain Tertiary Education. You can honorably begin from somewhere

(ii ) Polytechnic : Admission is easier here

(ii ) College of Education : Admission is even much, much easier here( You don’t necessarily have to have up to 5 credit passes including English & in order to be admitted here )

( iii ). Sandwich, Distance Learning, Evening School Programmes : These are also great options you can explore without even using UTME results

16. The 2019 UTME : Applications for the 2019 UTME will begin this Month . EARLY Preparation is KEY to TOP Performance.
Our Intensive Trainings, Mentoring,  Tutorials & Testings begin this weekend. Inform EVERYONE

REFUSE to be frustrated, depressed or defeated !

REFUSE to be held back by any PAST WHATSOEVER !

REFUSE to be made inferior by anyone WHOSOEVER !

Your background isn’t the reason your Back should be on the ground !

GOD LOVES you GREATLY & desires the VERY BEST for you !

You are Brilliant, Beautiful & Blessed !

You can turn all your setbacks to Stepping Stones to your Greatness !

You are the BEST !


To join the 2019 Intensive UTME  training , tutorials & testing send a WhatsApp Message to 09036278703

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