the coming, Of our great and glorious King reveal-NAIRA-LEAVE


We are watching we are waiting,
Till the mists shall clear away,
And our Lord shall come in glory
With His saints in bright array;
When the trump of God resounding
Shall be heard on ev’ry shore,
And the dead in Christ shall waken,
To be with Him evermore

We are watching, we are waiting,
For the dawning of that glorious day:
For the coming of our Saviour,
‘With His saints in bright array.

2. We are looking for the coming,
Of our great and glorious King,
Who shall banish from His presence
Ev’ry dark and evil thing;
When His justice and His mercy
Shall prevail in all the world,
And o’er ev’ry tribe and nation
Shall His banner be unfurl’d.

3. Now by faith we catch a vision
Of that glad millennial reign,
And behold the ransom’d millions
Who shall follow in His train:
And our hearts cry out, “Come
That His beauty we may see,
And be with our Lord in glory,
Through a blest eternity.

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