Sleeping With Olosho or Ashawo Is Better Than Keeping A Girlfriend (See Why)


HMM Some girls the moment you started dating them, billing don start, mom in the hospital,Urgent 2K geng. But an Olosho or Ashawo won’t bother you on that.

Why is Olosho better than your girlfriends?


Olosho charges 1K for short time.

Do the calculation. 1K X 31days=31K naira only.

And there’s no way you can be having sex everyday. So you’re likely to spend just 10K monthly on sex. You get the point now?🙄

But you spend 50-100K and above monthly on a girlfriend. Money for hair, nails, cream, soap, clothes, shawarma, her family and personal problems, etc. At the end, she break up with you, move in with another man. Now advise yourself bro. Which is good for you? Girlfriend or Olosho?🙄

Overnight, Olosho is 5000 for 3 hot rounds with different styles. You are entitled to doggy style, touching and sucking of breast if you wish to. You can also kiss.

The most hygienic women on Earth are prostitutes/Olosho. Rate of STD is equally low on them. But most girlfriends are STD carriers and sharers. Some girlfriends are so unhygienic.

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