Six Hidden Meanings Behind “How Are You?”

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How are you? Three letter words but a house for so many replies and the start of a very long back and forth conversation. The question ‘how are you’, begs much more than the expected reply ‘I am fine’ or something close to it. A lot more can spring up from just that question.

Conversations need not be cut short with just the reply “I am well”. Conversations need to be started with the question “how are you?”

How are you? Photo: Tmactive
The question has a depth to it such that sometimes we fail to comprehend just how much.
It asks about your wellbeing.
It asks about what you have been up to.
It asks if you had a good day.
It asks what is new.
It asks about how you feel.
The reply you give to the question how are you says a lot about the kind of relationship you have or the type of relationship you want to have with the other person. That is a key factor in unlocking all the other questions and reply within. That is why it is okay to say ‘I am not fine’ and let the conversation flow. And even when you are not fine, talk about it.

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