OSUN 2022 : Who is Abolayo Mujeeb ?

Abolayo Mujeeb
Abolayo Mujeeb A was born on 12, March early 1990s
He attend Hammadiyyah Nur/Pry School between 1997/2000. He later proceeded to Empaa Model School between 2000/2003. He gained admitted to AUD High School in Sept. 2003. Abolayo Mujeeb A  sat for his SSCE Examination in 2009.
In 2010 He got admitted to Ila-Orangun College of Education where he studied Economics/Mathematics.
Later on Abolayo Mujeeb A got admitted to study for Political Science in the University of Nigeria Nssuka Ikere Ekiti campus in 2018.
Post Held:
Abolayo Mujeeb A became the General Secretary of Ejigbo Local Government Area Student Association(ELGASA) Ila-Orangun Chapter in 2012 under the leadership of Late Comr. Matthew George.
In 2013 Abolayo Mujeeb A  became the Sport Director of Ejigbo Local Government Area Student Association (ELGASA) under the leadership of Hon. Comr. Oyedokun Maruf SP Murphy.
Abolayo Mujeeb A get the mantle of leadership in Reformation Group Ila-Orangun  where he serve as the President in 2014.
Fast forward in 2015 He became the President of Unity Youth Association. Also in 2016 He became the President of Osun Youth Movement.
In 2019 Abolayo Mujeeb A serve as the State President of Youth Reform Association.
Presently Abolayo Mujeeb Akinola is incumbent Naoss President of Bamidele Olumilua University of Education, Science and Technology Ikere Ekiti
Abolayo Mujeeb A is a writer. He has wrote many books including Nigeria Youth and Politics, Brief History of NUESA, Decline Nigeria Education: Causes, Effects and Solutions, English Composition for Students and many more.
He his currently working on A Wake Up Call for Nigeria Youth.

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