How to prepare Nigerian Vegetable Soup “Efo riro”

Nigerian Vegetable Soup “Efo riro” Recipe
•Prep time: 15mins
•Cook time: 1 hr 10 minutes
•Total time: 1 hr 25minutes
• 1 medium sized Stock Fish “Panla” a.ka. Okporoko
• 3 Smoked Fish
• 600g Red Beef meat (Cut into chunks)
• 5 Red scotch bonnet pepper (Ata rodo)
• 2 Red Capsicums (Red Bell pepper a.k.a Tatashey)
• 4 Chili pepper a.k.a Shombo
Step 2: Remove the bones from the smoked fish, wash and set aside.
Step 3: Wash the Cow beef thoroughly with water and place in a medium sized pot. Add two seasoning cubes, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp curry, ½ tsp thyme, diced onion, 2 cups water and leave to cook on medium heat. 25 mins into the cook time, add the Smoked fish and Stock fish (Should be soft by now) – leave to cook for 10 mins more. The water left should be minimal by now. Turn off the burner and Set Aside.
Step 4: Chop the shoko leaves with a knife and place in a bowl. Add about ½ teaspoon of salt, pour boiling water over it and place a lid over the bowl. Allow to rest for 15-20mins. Rinse out the shoko and squeeze out all excess water.
Preparation of the pepper puree
Step 1 : Thoroughly Wash the scotch bonnets (Ata rodo), Red bell pepper a.k.a Tatashey (Remove the seeds cos it’s usually bitter), Chilies, 1 Red Onion (optional).
Step 2: Place in a grinding machine and blend. Pour the blend in a small pot and cook till there’s no liquid left. Turn off the burner and set aside.
The main soup preparation
Step 1: In an empty pot, add 5 Cooking spoons of palm oil and leave to heat for about 2mins.
Step 2: Add the chopped onion, Pepper puree and Iru (Locust beans) – Stir fry for 4 mins.
( errrmm!!! Ensure your kitchen is aerated :D)
Step 3: Gently add the soup stock including the meat and fish, 2 seasoning cubes, Crayfish and leave for 6 mins.
Step 4: Add the chopped Shoko or spinach leaves and stir to incorporate the mixture. Leave to cook for 8 mins. Turn off the burner and leave the pot open to let out steam.
Serve with any form of Swallow, Yam or rice.

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