The first time I saw someone captioned her picture with the phrase “happiness is free” was in 2017. I’ve seen this caption frequently on social media ever since then. You see people all smiled up in their pictures with the caption (happiness is free). So I asked my self this thought provoking question, “is happiness truly free?”

What is happiness?

Happiness has different meanings and conceptions to different people and some people confuse happiness with joy, ecstasy, bliss, or other more intense feelings. No matter the ambiguity and the diverse meanings the concept “happiness” may have, it’s simply the state of being happy. An article titled “What is happiness?” on Positive Psychology website gives a concise and detailed information about the definition of the concept happiness. Visit https://positivepsychology.com/what-is-happiness/

Is happiness truly free?

I keep asking myself this question each time people say the phrase “happiness is free”. Is happiness truly free? My only argument against this assertion is that if happiness was free, depression and sadness would have been a choice. People battle with depression daily and happiness eludes them. They would have easily chosen happiness if it was free. Happiness is not free because to experience true happiness, we must engage in some particular things and situations that bring happiness.

What are the things that brings happiness?

Success and accomplishment bring happiness
• Good health and well-being bring happiness
• Fulfilment brings happiness
• Love brings happiness.
All these are the indications of true happiness.
We must all be conscious of the fact that happiness is not something that is given, it is taken. Happiness does not come freely, we must do or engage in things that bring happiness. We must be on a pursuit to experience happiness. Happiness was never free and it will never be free!

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