Fans Spotted Biggest Clue Tokyo Still Alive

Fans Spotted Biggest Clue Tokyo Still Alive

Fans Spotted  Biggest Clue Tokyo Still Alive And Will Return in  Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2,

money heist season 5 ending has come where fans show her favorite character become dead but how fans spotted biggest clue that tokyo still alive and can be return in season 5 volume 2 of la casa de papel

Is Tokyo Dead? Who Will Be The Next Narrator? Here Are All Your Questions Answered

From Berlin’s death, Lisbon’s fake encounter to Nairobi getting killed and Alicia Sierra getting hold of The Professor, all of these followed the same pattern in the past, leaving fans counting days till the release of its next set of episodes.

The last scene of Money Heist five part 1 ended with Tokyo’s death. But is she really dead? It certainly seems logical that Tokyo must have died in the explosion caused by the ticking off grenades stuck to her, many are still hoping that her character may be revived back in the first episode of the second volume.

Are there more deaths in the finale?

With five episodes more to release on December 3, fans can’t stop themselves from thinking if we are going to see more deaths in the finale. The Professor’s survival has been the ultimate question on everyone’s mind.

Rio (played by Miguel Herrán) could be one of several fatalities in the upcoming final season of Netflix’s international hit, Money Heist. A number of clues from the previous outings have now led some fans to believe that he might die.

Who will turn the narrator? 

Since the beginning of the show, Tokyo’s character has been the narrator and if she does die in this season, many have questioned about which character will carry forward as the narrator and believe it may be Rio.

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  1. This was a brilliant piece I must say… Got one question though. Why ever would they script it for Tokyo to die… I was so upset… I’m not even done mourning Nairobi and this happens??! It’s so brutal of the producers to do this to us(Money Heist lovers)

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