Do You Agree – – 5 Mistakes Married Women Make no 1we weak you

Do You Agree – – 5 Mistakes Married Women Make no 1we weak you

1. Lack of s*x
Having s*x once in a month! She will always come up with excuses like: I have a headache, I’m not in the mood, you only come to me when you need s*x. S*x is one of the cheapest things to get out there! But when the man holds those quality time with his wife as sacred, lack of s*x can be a spoiler in the relationship. The funny thing is that most time when he presses on, you tend to submit. Why then make him labour? The worst is when you never initiate s*x. No words to describe this torture. Again, why will your husband walk into the room just for you to begin to adjust your top to conceal your boobs or bum? If you can’t display the resources for him freely, then don’t fault him if he thinks you are having an affair outside.
2. Disrespectfulness
Not acknowledging your husband at appropriate moments. Imaging not saying good morning when you see him in the morning. Maybe after a fight. But making it a habit is a thing to worry about. She will say you are on leave and still you don’t have time to call. But when she is on leave, she will pretend to be asleep until the man leaves the house. Sometimes, he remembers he left his phone or something behind. He comes back to get it and realises that she was only waiting for him to leave the house before she gets up. What a shame! Your husband gets home, rings the bell. You go unlock the door and return to what you were doing without receiving him at the door. Funny when you always think his going out to have a drink is a sin. It’s part of a man’s DNA. Please get use to it.
3. Love for money
Money makes the world go round. But if the only time you are happy is when your palm is greased with money or gift, then, there is an issue.
4. Rudeness
This is a little different from number 2. “Baby, it’s not done that way. See how it’s done.” When you take offence anytime a correction is suggested, you create a gap in the relationship. The husband cannot even ask if you have seen his wallet without you taking offense.
5. Pouring your annoyance on the kids always
No illustration needed here. If you have an issue bothering you, why not discuss it amicably These have been the order of the day and I just need your mature contribution. Please if you cannot relate with the topic, you should take your joke(s) else where…

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