BBNAIJA season 5 TolaniBaj Dairy session

Experience so far

She’s still trying to get comfortable with the people in the house and the kitchen. She is a bit guarded because she is trying to see who she can vibe with and is observing. She is grateful and humbled to be here, she has always wanted to be here. She is still observing

Thoughts on Fellow HMs

She feels there is an interesting crowd in here. Everyone is intellectual, smart, very funny, she has laughed a lot. She sees some people she could bond with, and those she could potentially bump heads with, but so far, a funny crowd.

Who do you see yourself bonding with?

So far so good, Trikky is very funny and makes her laugh. Bright is very funny, he doesn’t talk much, but he is intellectual. Vee is very relatable because she is from London, and she (Tolani) is from America, so they have a lot in common. She hasn’t been eating much, because she isn’t sure about cooking for so many people. She hopes she will be comfortable with cooking for the group by next week, because she has been craving eba and efo

Biggie tells her to feel at home because Big brother has ensured all necessities are provided, and their needs are attended to

Isolation Experience?

She was very nervous because, she did not know how she would cope without her phone. She spoke to herself a lot, she read the Bible
, specifically psalm and Luke, she had to pray a lot. She was playing suwe with rubber. She took a lot of showers. She learnt it is okay to be by herself, she is a loner. She is already used to isolating herself, only, this time, she was not with her phone.She had to fet used to sanitizing and using face mask. She learnt to start eating breakfast, and it makes her day even better.

Rate Chances after 72 hours?

So far so good, she is trying to be strategic and observe, who could possibly be a potential competition. She rates herself 100%. She is calm now, but she won’t always be calm. She thinks she has a lot of supporters out there, a lot of Yourube subscribers (shoutout to them), so, yeah, she rates her chances highly cheesy

Thoughts on the HoH game

She was hoping she eouldn’t be the last person. At first, she did not understand the game, until Trikky gave an example. She was not as calm as she wanted to be. She feels if she was a bit calmer, she would have gotten the 6, but it is a game of luck. She thinks there will be an improvement next wek for her. Next week, there is a chance to prove what she is capable of and who she is, she eill do better next week.

Anything Else?

Light wahala again.

Whenever there are group discussions, there are always side discussions and if Biggie can tell the other housemates to give their attention to the person speaking.

She proceeds to give shoutouts to a bunch of people, as well as welcome her new fans grin, she also says her fans are named T-Force (LMAO! The delusion is strong with this one)

Biggie will look into her first request.

Biggie thinks she can handle her second request. She says she thought she should run it by Biggie, before she shows who she is cool. Biggie says this is a social experiment, so, they should keep their fists away, and social manners on..

End of DS.

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