BBNAIJA SEASON 5 Erica dairy Session


Erica was named after her dad, her dad’s name is Eric. She is an only child.

She Is not close to any member of her family, her mom is a single mum. She met her father only 3 years ago. She doesn’t want to really judge her dad, but she feels angry still (about his absence). He is more of a friend than her dad, he’s very friendly. She hates that he still hasn’t seen her since the first time he sawher, and she knows he has a lot going on, but if it was life and death, he would have made an effort.

She has been living alone for 7 years, graduated CU at 19. Fiercely independent, she did not want to be a bother to her mom. She won MBGN Miss Photogenic 6 years ago.

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