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Getting over someone isn’t easy, and mending a broken
heart takes effort. When is it time to start seeing
someone new? Is it as soon as I download Bumble and
get my first match? Is it a competition to see who can
move on first? Or should I wait until I’ve actually learned
the lessons from my past relationship, and my heart
feels healed and open again? Clearly, that would be the
most mature route.
Here are some comforting signs you’re ready to move
on from your last relationship, since it’s really best to
wait until you’re ready.
1. You Don’t Stalk Your Ex’s Social Media
Most people definitely fall victim to this. Some go to the
extent of deleting their Facebook because they could not
stop checking up on their ex and his/her relationship
status on it.
I believe that unfollowing exes on social media is self-
care, and sometimes, in an effort to move on, you have
to do it. If you are no longer checking your ex’s social
media, or if it doesn’t trigger you and send you on a
downward spiral, it’s a good sign you’re ready for
someone new.
2. Songs On The Radio Don’t Remind You Of Your Ex
The moment where love songs on the radio do not
remind you of anyone is the moment where you are truly
liberated from any form of heartache. While there are
plenty of songs that you can use as a barometer of
judging whether or not you still love your ex, I find that
Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” works best.
If you can get through the entirety of the above video
without a single memory of your past, then you have,
indeed, moved on from your past relationship. Give it a
go. Do you pass the test?
3. You’re Not Dating To Make Your Ex Jealous
If you’ve moved on from your past, though, you don’t
care about what your ex does. You probably
don’t want them to know your business. You’d like to
protect them from further heartbreak, and you wish them
the best. You’re not trying to incite jealousy or anger for
the sake of reigniting conversation or drama.
If you’re dating without your ex in mind, then you’re
probably actually ready to move on. But if you are
excessively posting pictures on the Internet or writing
statuses about how happy you are, then you might be
dating for someone else, not for you.
4. You Don’t Think Of Your Ex When Personal Life
Events Occur
When you face various personal life events and you
quickly reach out to your Ex about them, then you’ve
probably not moved on yet.
When life events occur and you don’t use them as an
excuse to reach out to someone from your past, that
means you probably have both feet planted firmly in the
5. Hooking Up With Someone New Doesn’t Make You
You’ve been there before: You think you are finally over
your ex, you go on a great date with someone new, you
go in for the kiss or maybe something more, and
automatically, you are reminded of your past and are
overwhelmed with missing your ex. You can’t wait to get
home and call them, stalk their social media, or beg to
get back together. Nothing compares to them. A new
person’s lips feel entirely different, and you’re sure you
will never get used to someone else again.
It’s a horrible sinking feeling. But if you don’t feel that,
then you have definitely moved on. Sometimes, if we’ve
rushed into something new too quickly, our bodies and
our minds are just not ready for it. But if the timing is
right, a new person won’t remind you of what you’ve left
behind. They will make you excited about the future.     Click here to chat with the admin

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