7 Shocking Facts aboutTaaooma


Taaooma was born and raised in Ilorin, Kwara state capital, were she had her early education.Taaooma whose real name as Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam is a popular Nigerian online comedian, content creator and cinematographer from Kwara State.Taaooma is known for her comedy style of making jest of typical Nigerian mothers. She emphasizes on the unique manner African mothers respond to the actions of their children.

Adedoyin was discovered by her boyfriend who encouraged her to start making comedy skits.

She came through with her first skit in 2016 and came to limelight with the comedy video “When Your mom drives you to school”.

ever since she came to prominence, she had been a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry with every skit releases.


February 28 1999



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