4 reasons why husband should sock his wife breast always

When your husband sock your breast
–wife is a great opportunity for you. See
The 4 benefit here

1) TRAIN  the balance of the heart
With breast sucking wife will make the heart beat faster than normal. It is good to practice healthy heart rhythm.

2) . Increase contractions after childbirth

Increase contractions after childbirth and smooth the blood when menstrual pain arrived. Well this is very interesting turned out to suck the breast can prevent the occurrence of active bleeding after childbirth. Suction is performed will be made so that the maximum contraction of blood vessels in the uterus that had been wedged open back and makes the blood stops:, 
3) Losing weight with suction the baby through breastfeeding
With breastfeeding it will accelerate your return to your ideal body shape originally because there will be a fat burning calories while breastfeeding the baby. So it’s great for your healthy diet. 

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